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Aug 13, 2013 5:00pm EDT
not recognize i am originally from louisiana, and it is not recognized. but just like all other civil progress, the south as far behind. it will take some time to reach it, but we will eventually get there. lived inng have you mississippi? >> just over a year. of the time i spent in louisiana and i lived in baileys, central america, for the last five years before e,ming to mississippi -- beliz central america, for the last five years before coming to mississippi. >> mark, go ahead with your comment. thismain point to all of is, we live in a great country and everybody has the right to be wrong. everybody has the right to be right. what we have here is a battle over semantics, i think. can be think the union called marriage because marriage is a sacrament. it is sacred. it is holy. , a homosexual marriage, is sodomy. that is not holy. that is an unholy union. if you want to go ahead and have the government take care of all of your finances and everything after you die, then call it something else. civil union, maybe that is what you have to do. maybe that is what we were all word,ng over, a sem
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. louisiana is next, republican line. caller: yes, good evening. i love you so much. i watch you all the time. spent my life all around the world. i think everybody needs to -- >> what about the issue we are talking about? do you find congressional town halls -- who is your representative? do you find the town halls in your district to be useful? caller: yes, that is a good thing there. to get together with these people there. it is a good thing there. host: jeffrey, thanks for your call. another issue that we haven't talked about so much this evening in terms of what people are hearing at town halls, this is the headline, lawmaker pressed on reform at town hall meeting. let's talk to bob in virginia who had a town hall recently. it says the focus was as godlattereform denied and -- enforcement mandates for legal status for people in the country unlawfully. castro, a latino teenager pressed goodlatte on the bill. i am troubled by your proclamation the border security will not be dealt with before documentation is given to immigrants, said castro who is a member of the virginia organizing acti
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm EDT
in louisiana at the time. to beduke -- happened teaching in louisiana at the time. david duke nearly became governor of our state. i decided i needed to get politically active to keep the kkk from taking over the state i live in. i became active with the national organization for women because of n.o.w.'s commitment to the intersection of racism, able-ism, homophobia, all of the ism's. they are intertwined. we have been talking to colleagues in the weeks and days leading up to this very luncheon. one of the things we talked of thes the four themes 50th anniversary march on washington. that would be freedom and jobs and peace and social justice. when you look at those issues and ask yourself, what is the impact on women of those things -- then you ask yourself, what is the impact on various communities of women? what is the impact on african- american women? what is the impact on immigrant women? what about latinas, and younger women, and older women? long time ago, a legal scholar she hadrothy roberts -- that phrase. ask the woman question. any issue you are talking about, ask the woman que
Aug 23, 2013 10:00am EDT
for the schools. i have a comment. --re is a hole in louisiana louisiana, 29% of the republicans blamed obama for the government's katrina mess. i think these people that did that are absolutely ignorant. he was just a senator, not the president. host: thank you for calling. republican line, welcome to the program. if the cost of college worth it? well, it was like $15,000 a year 20 years ago for my daughter. local --ually got to a she is a nurse. my husband was discussed to -- he fell she concentrated more on the marching band than the college. she would to community college after that. i am quite disturbed. i put myself through a business school, whatever, 40 years ago. i paid for it out of my $100 weeks salary. the cost can't afford of tuition should consider vocational school, business schools. why should the taxpayers be paying -- >> there are a lot of kids -- you go back to the academic standards. most of the kids going to they are not academically qualified to go. they're getting a free pass because of the social justice that. i don't mind if a kid is qualified or what ethnicity, natio
Aug 27, 2013 5:00pm EDT
from the streets of soma, the fields of georgia, louisiana. is now a united states senator representing the state of maine. he was in the march. seat to good siege -- watch the speech of dr. king. he was in a branch of a tree in the mall watching the speech. people came from all over. these crowd people and these proud african americans and their allies would no longer stand silent why the promise -- while the promise of liberty and justice for all denied freedom to so many. i could not hear the speeches. i felt the heat. i was inside the capital. but i could see the tide of hundreds of as thousands of our brothers and --ters pushed forward tour toward that thing called freedom. day, martin luther king shared his dream. 1963 not as the end of the fight of civil rights, but only the beginning. here is what he said. "we cannot turn back. there are those who are acting -- asking for the civil rights, when will we be satisfied? we are not satisfied and we will not be until justice rolls down like a mighty stream." in the year following the march, those momentum -- momentous words, congress
Aug 13, 2013 10:00am EDT
in the senate voted for this.mary landrieu runs in louisiana as if she is some kind of moderate democrat. she is a yes vote for obama on everything. obama has been trying to crush the oil industry. she has done nothing to protect it. the state has been badly damaged by president obama's policies against oil and energy production. mary landrieu stands there and does nothing. she has to run for reelection. not only has she been attacking louisiana's major industry, but she was also the person who gave them this mess of obamacare. there are a whole series of challenges. i think that is why it is possible to get a year's delay in obamacare. i think only focus on the career, at the american people say we can do better. it does leave the door open. some democrats could step back from the mistake they made when they voted for a bill that they had not ever read. host: why do they keep saying the americans did not want the affordable care act when he was elected on that? guest: obama beat romney. there are a whole series of issues on the table there. if it had been a referendum on obama care, romney w
Aug 14, 2013 5:00pm EDT
is definitely not affordable. >> what will happen there in louisiana? are they setting up an exchange? will that help your situation at all, do you know? >> i heard our governor, bobby jindal, is not going to allow the state to participate. that is what i've heard. i'm not a soothsayer of state politics. hopefully, we can participate in something because eventually, my savings -- i will have cobra year sometime. >> right. >> and then i will be out of cobra. >> just by example, cobra is costing you $1200 a month. before, when you were working, what did your monthly health insurance cost? >> it was about $200. >> so that is $1000 extra a month you have to find. >> right. and i'm not working. >> thanks for being with us here this evening. we've been talking about the implementation of the health care law, showing you some of the members as they talk about it in town hall meetings across the country. roll call has a special section they have set up this year for pictures of members on what they are doing for their summer recess. here it is -- how they spend their summer vacation. they hav
Aug 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
in louisiana. hello, thanks for waiting. caller: thank you for having me. that in to comment australia, you have to vote. enrolledutomatically on you are allowed to vote all types of networks. >> what happens if you don't vote? fine or a prison sentence. you vote. it's part of your duty. >> you think something like that would work here? caller: we have too many crazies. it would not work here. it should. it's a good thing. the future of the democrats could be most anyone. i say hillary would be good. look. listening to all that i've heard ,efore, most of the republicans they are crazy. they are not the future. i certainly hope not. i'm not young. scared of what is happening to our country. the lies, the inability to help the poor, everything for the wealthy. with thet of growth very rich and the poor getting poorer all the time. >> new mexico, margaret on the republican line. taking ournk you for calls. i am here with my husband david. first of all, i want you to know that up until about three weeks ago, we were democrats and we just switch to the republican party. as catholics, we just cou
Aug 21, 2013 10:00am EDT
, hawaii, louisiana, north dakota, and wyoming. , i saw on theier website that two more states had been added. >> yes. >> do they do that and study that on purpose? >> the company would denied, but its critics say, sure. they are looking for how to spread that wealth as broadly as possible. u.s. states.t there are suppliers around the world. >> how many different countries are going to buy this aircraft once it is completed? >> eight countries have committed. the hope is they will sell it to more but some of those countries have not just committed. they have already invested money up front. this is yet another barrier to states because it united buys fewer airplanes, it dries up -- drives up the cost per plane for allies. or is a diplomatic cost of their. let's say united states were to buy -- that raises the cost for britain which is counting on the f 35 to replace all of its harrier jets on its aircraft carrier. >> what is that? f the marine version of the 35. it can land and take off vertically. it is not as sophisticated as the f 35. >> i read a lot of countries want to get it. cand
Aug 22, 2013 10:00am EDT
at the internal workings of the nsa. join us for that segment. --ghing in this morning art, louisiana, thanks for handing out -- holding on. caller: i want to talk about these who have been sending classified documents. i have been in the military, and looking at what is taking place, it is clear to me that the chain of custody of this information should never have gotten to the point where this private have access to just hand that's left over. what in the world happened there? i used to have chain of custody of everything that came in, top- officers wouldnd pick it up and we would go through the channels. everything is not commended an inventory. i do not hit it because how could this private walk out of like snowden there and nobody seemed to miss the documents? these folks that are calling in and talking about their constitution -- they do not have a clue what the constitution is, what it means, and the only thing i can say for them is those folks in the middle east, they have that. rest of electronic equipment. if you can gary teen your self that -- if you can guarantee your self that th
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)